CluedUp is a peer-led life skills programme open to all young women, giving them the opportunity to receive support, information and advice concerning all aspects of their physical and emotional health and wellbeing – with a particular focus on sexual health and contraceptive choices.

Is CluedUp for you?

If you’re a young woman under 25, CluedUp can offer you the opportunity to talk about your thoughts and feelings and learn about how to look after your emotional and sexual health in a supportive environment. Perhaps you’ve never had the confidence to value yourself, your body and your choices – CluedUp can change that. Through the support you receive, you’ll realise that you are important and unique, and can create whatever path in life you choose for yourself. There’s no need to be confused about life, relationships and sex. Get CluedUp!

How does it work?

CluedUp is a programme designed to help young women grow in confidence and self-esteem. There are 8 sessions in total and your group will be led by a healthcare professional and at least one young woman, like you, who has completed the course and then trained as a facilitator. Topics covered during CluedUp sessions include building healthy relationships, stress management, safer sex, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, making positive choices, building confidence, and resisting peer pressure.

What do CluedUp facilitators say about the service?

“The participants really enjoyed the programme and left the group each week with a bit more knowledge. It was really rewarding to see the their confidence grow each week.”

What do CluedUp participants say about the service?

“CluedUp taught me a lot about relationships, contraception, sexually transmitted infections and learned to think about myself and my wellbeing.”

“I loved CluedUp – everyone was so friendly and I felt really comfortable.”

Train to be a CluedUp Facilitator

Living Well is pleased to offer the opportunity of training for professionals and young people to become CluedUp Facilitators.

We are inviting professionals, accompanied by one young person interested in becoming a CluedUp peer facilitator, to attend this training with the view that by the end of the course participants will be equipped to deliver CluedUp training programmes with groups of young women in their own communities.

The 5-day training course is delivered by Living Well’s Youth Services team and is open to any organisation or agency that works with young women in London and is able to commit to begin delivery of a full CluedUp programme within 6 weeks of completion of the training.

To find out when our next training is, to find out how you can book a training event in your area or if you’d like to ask any questions please email our Youth Services Coordinator, Emily Mailes at: or call: 020 3137 3373

Sign-up Now:

Referrals to any one of Living Well’s services can be made by NHS organisations and healthcare professionals in participating London boroughs and primary care trusts, or you can refer yourself. Sign-up Now and change your life forever!

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