Whether you want to jump out of a plane, run a marathon or even just hold a jumble sale to help Living Well, we want to hear from you.

Here are some of the most popular methods of fundraising to help Living Well with its vital work in changing lives and communities.

Running: If you run a marathon – or even a shorter distance – for Living Well, we’ll be behind you every (hopefully not too painful) step of the way!

Partying: Living Well is all about giving people who might otherwise feel alienated and alone a sense of community – so what better way to support us than by raising funds through a community event? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to organise a 1930’s style street party, complete with bunting and rock cakes, or your Eurovision parties are legendary and it’s time to start charging on the door – all in the name of charity of course! World Aids Day is an important event on many people’s calendar – and on ours at Living Well too. Why not mark it this year with a fund raising party to remember?

Challenging Yourself: Climbing Mount Everest, parachuting from a plane, abseiling down the side of a skyscraper – rather you than us, but, if you are something of a daredevil, we’ll be there waiting on terra firma to applaud your efforts.

To discuss your fundraising ideas, however weird and wonderful, please call us on 020 31 373 373, email: or use the contact form below, remembering to include your telephone number in your message if you want us to call you.

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