New Quest Weekend for Gay Men

A weekend exploration for Gay Men. This weekend journey of self-discovery is exhilarating and life-changing, but also intense, revealing, nurturing and profound, all experienced from within the comfort of a safe and intimate environment.

The Quest Approach:
The Quest facilitators guide the group through a series of carefully constructed activities that constructively reveal a different way forward.

During the journey, The Quest uses a map comprising of four main ‘ports of call’ (or significant milestones) – Investigation, Exploration, Release and Cultivation – each port serving as a platform to help you better understand your past and fully step into your present.

• ‘Investigate’ the past, looking at the significant moments and experiences that impacted their childhood, adolescence and early adulthood.
• ‘Explore’ the present, by casting a critical eye over in their respective lives.
• An opportunity to safely work through the pain and ‘Release’ the underlying toxicity that can prohibit them from leading a truly fulfilled life.
• By creating valuable insights and life-skills each participant will become the true architect of their lives and ‘Cultivate’ an authentic way of living.

Your Journey
By attending this interactive and engaging workshop, participants will:
• Gain a deeper understanding of how their upbringing has impacted their emotional development
• Develop an increased awareness of their behaviour and emotions
• Be engaged in a healing process
• Identify tools to improve their sense of self and their relationships
• Gain clarity on next steps for themselves, their relationships, and the world they live in
• Experience the support and intimacy of a group of gay men
• Create a positive and supportive new network
• Gain a greater sense of living as a gay man in today’s world

Funded Places Available
Living Well have funded places available, dependant on borough availability. However, places are limited so if you are interested please get in contact for more information on this and all our services. Call us today on: 020 3137 3373

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