Bloomsbury Patients Network

Our Care & The New NHS

The previous Bloomsbury Patients Network forum was on Wednesday 17th October 6.00 – 7.30.

Topics included:

– Is our care safe in the new NHS?
– How are the services to be commissioned?
– What changes are going to be made?
– How can we influence decisions and get involved?
– Will there be changes due to cutbacks?

Panelist included:

Professor Jane Anderson, Chair of BHIVA – The British HIV Association sets the national and international guidelines and standards for HIV care. It is the most important medical HIV organisation in the country and has a major influence on clinical practice and on government policy

Yusef Azad, Policy Director and Campaign Director for NAT – The National Aids Trust campaigns on our behalf in parliament and with government departments – for our legal rights, against stigma and discrimination and carries also out major research. It is due to NAT that we have protection in employment for instance.

Claire Foreman, Chief Executive of the London Consortium – The London Consortium is the organization that holds the budget and commissions all HIV medication and care for the 23 clinics in London. It negotaites directly with the pharmaceutical companies to secure the most favourable prices for our medication. The budget at the moment is £256 million.

Dr Ian Williams – Consultant Physician at the Mortimer Market Centre, Chair of BHIVA standards committee and honorary lecturer at University College London Medical School.

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