HIV Cure Survey


The British HIV Association National Institute for Health Research and Public Health England has just launched a survey for people living with HIV in the UK. The survey hopes to capture people’s views and attitudes towards a cure for HIV and whether you might take part in studies related to HIV cure research.

If you are interested in filling the survey please take a look at here.

Please note. Cure research might take many years. At the moment people taking part in HIV cure research studies won’t be cured of HIV but may contribute to cure for others in the future.

Living Well is committed to improve the lives of those who are newly diagnosed and living with HIV. Living Well also provide leading young people sexual health education programs and sexual health helplines to improve young people’s access to sexual health education, sex and relationship advice. To find out how you can help Living Well or gain access to their HIV and young people services please call 020 31 373 373 or email

(Link Updated as it was issued on 31-07-2014)

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