Sero-Discordant Gay Couples – When Opposites Attract

One of the major problems when people are diagnosed is that they believe they will never be loved again. We want to show that this is a terrible misconception.

Reported on 13th February 2013 by QX Magazine, the author presents a personal account of his experiences as a HIV positive gay man.

“1 in 7 men on London’s gay scene have HIV, which means the vast majority of us have had sex with many, many HIV+ men in our lifetimes. But what happens when one man has HIV, the other is negative, and that casual encounter becomes a boyfriend, which then turns into a full-blown relationship – and even love? The Author presents a personal account of his experiences as a HIV positive gay man, and meets Mike, also positive, and his negative partner Marc and talks life, love and sex in a serodiscordant relationship.

Last week the gay community in England and Wales conquered one of its major stepping stones in the struggle to have homosexual partnerships be fully recognised as equal to those unions of marriage by civil law. This is perhaps the best news we could have had in time for St. Valentine’s Day.

However, we may not all be rushing to the registrar just yet. After all, one still needs to find Mr Right, and we all know that’s no easy task in itself. From finding someone mentally and physically attractive, there’s also the issue of sexual compatibility: top, bottom, versatile… and every fifty [thousand] shades of grey in between. But what if the person you fall in love with has an HIV status different to yours?
That’s right. Could you love someone who is HIV positive? And if you are HIV positive, would you let yourself fall in love with someone who is HIV negative and risk the possibility of rejection?

My fellow gays, this is our next hurdle to overcome. Stigma and discrimination surrounds people living with HIV. And this fight cannot be resolved by laws and votes, this fight needs to be conquered by all of us, with courage and education.”

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