Sign Luke’s Petition for better HIV Education

19 year old Luke Alexander has written an open letter to Michael Gove, the current Secretary of State for Education, to improve HIV education in the classroom. This open letter is in the form of a petition which you can sign here. At the time of writing this article Luke has received only 506 signatures from his needed 50,000 so please sign and share.

We recently wrote about Luke who was recently diagnosed with HIV. Luke himself says “I myself strongly believe that if I (19 years of age) had learnt about HIV during my secondary education, I might have avoided being infected with HIV myself at just 18 years old,” He also points out that his generation has simply missed out the early 1980’s HIV awareness campaigns and that him and his peers have a serious gap in HIV knowledge.

Luke went to his old sixth form college in Birmingham to test how little his peers knew about HIV. His anecdotal results were really shocking – two people had never heard of HIV, half thought you could transmit via saliva plus there were many other misconceptions.

So please sign Luke’s HIV petition for better HIV education in the classroom and help make a change!


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