Velvet Rage – The Quest

Living Well is working in partnership with two of our life coaches to offer clients subsidised places on their upcoming ‘Velvet Rage: The Quest’ workshops.

Following the highly successful ‘Journeying with The Velvet Rage’ weekly sessions run by life coaches Darren Brady and Ade Adeniji – based on the bestselling book by Alan Downs – there is another chance to experience the wisdom in the book, in this newly designed interactive workshop for gay men. The previous series was powerful and eye opening- enabling the participants to gain a deeper awareness of themselves and their behaviours.

Living Well is able to offer subsidised places for residents in funded boroughs.
There are currently no scheduled Quest workshops – please check back later.

Please Note: The Quest workshop covers material that may bring up difficult issues for some participants, which they may wish to explore in more depth. While the structure of the group means it is not always possible to fully explore such issues at the time, Living Well also offers Counselling as part of their HIV Services, and would recommend that participants who feel they wish to look at any issues in more depth contact the team on 020 31 373 373 to discuss whether counselling might be appropriate for them.

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  • David T says:

    At first I was a bit worried that I might hold back and not make the most of it, but the way the workshop is organised, it managed to engage even reticent old me. I found it enjoyable, a bit scary at times, supportive, constructive and very revealing. I would highly reccomemend it to any gay man, no matter how evolved you consider yourself, or where you are on your life journey.

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