Unprotected Nation: Cuts to sexual health services cost UK £136 billion

Commissioned by the UK’s leading sexual health charities, Brook and FPA, Unprotected Nation paints a stark picture for the UK if increasing restrictions to contraception and other sexual health services continue unabated.

  • UK faces significant rise in abortion and sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates
  • New report reveals short-sighted NHS efficiency savings could add £612.8[1] million to NHS costs by 2020
  • Increasing restrictions to contraception services could take overall costs of unintended pregnancies to £124.7bn

Short-sighted reforms to vital contraception and other sexual health services could lead to a significant increase in the number of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), the consequences of which could saddle the UK with a £136.7[2] billion NHS and welfare burden by 2020 according to a new report .

With evidence NHS efficiency savings are already undermining the quality of contraception services available today, through postcode and age based restrictions[3], limited services offered by PCTs[4] and changes to commissioning structures[5], the Unprotected Nation report predicts a bleak future resulting from the continuation of these restrictions across the country as commissioning structures change and budgets are cut.

To find out more an d to download the full report visit the FPA website by cliecking here.

Also see Dr Wellgoods follow articles at: www.doctorwellgood.com/politics-education/unprotected-nation.html


  1. Combined cumulative costs to NHS between 2013-2020 resulting from STIs (£314.2m) and unintended pregnancies (£298.6m), should restrictions to services increase.
  2. £136.7bn is the projected overall cumulative cost associated with unintended pregnancies between 2013 -2020 should restrictions to contraceptive services increase. This includes NHS treatment costs for unintended pregnancies, wider public sector costs and STI treatment costs for the NHS.
  3. Healthy Women, Healthy Lives report (PDF)
  4. Healthy Women, Healthy Lives executive summary (PDF)
  5. Enhanced Services Commissioning Factsheet, NHS Commissionaing Board (PDF)

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