Shisha: Getting the Facts Right

Between 12 January and 12 March 2012, Making Communities Work & Grow are holding a range of presentations and workshops to give the facts and help bust the myths surrounding sisha smoking. By Abdul Jaleel. Making Communities Work & Grow.


Shisha in recent times has become a social trend for school, college and university students and has become part of youth social culture. It is appealing by its various fruity flavours and its effect. As the signs are silent and goes un-noticed, it is hard to detect its users, however it has become a rising concern for health specialist. There are many myths around the Shisha.

Can Shisha be addictive? Well, that’s what they said about cigarettes 50 years ago….and now people are very much addicted to cigarettes all over the world.

Is it less harmful then cigarettes? Researchers have found that if smoked regularly enough, one shisha has enough nicotine in your system as 10 cigarettes. These some of the myths from the realities.

Making Communities Work & Grow have been awarded small grant from the NHS Kensington & Chelsea to launch a campaign on being Shisha free. The campaign will consist of presentations, workshops and attending community events, targeted to empower parents and guardians to be more responsible regarding their children, and educate young people to prevent from smoking Shisha.

Making Communities Work & Grow (MCWG) are offering free workshops for young people with one clear message is ‘let’s get our facts right’ regarding Shisha.

The purpose of the workshop and presentation is to raise awareness and educate young people about the health risk of Shisha in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This would be cooperated with Stop Smoking.

This interactive workshop is to engage with young people and to reduce the health risk involved in Shisha.

The workshops are completely free, delivered by qualified community workers and NHS health advisers.

We hope that we can promote this campaign within the various schools, colleges and youth centres within the RBKC Borough.

If you would like to arrange a meeting to discuss more in detail, please contact Abdul Jaleel, the project coordinator on: 020 8964 9926 or email him at:

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