Bring Sex and Relationship Education in to the 21st Century

More than 25,000 people have signed The Telegraph Wonder Women campaign calling on David Cameron to bring sex education into the 21st century.3 September 2013

.The Telegraph is campaigning for better sex education, asking David Cameron to bring sex and relationships education (SRE) into the 21st century. According to writer, Yas Necati, ‘Current sex and relationship education guidelines, which teachers use to plan lessons, were last updated in 2000 – some 13 years ago – and contain no reference to the Internet; mobile technology or online bullying.’

The Telegraph has talked of SRE being out of date and too focused on Biology instead of relationships and has decided to do something about it by launching a campaign to improve UK sex education

The Telegraph has reported that 28% of the 601 pupils surveyed by the Telegraph/NSPCC, believe pornography dictates how young people behave in a relationship and that 7 in 10 school pupils think porn should be taught in sex education Classes.

They are asking for signatures for their online petition, which will be given to David Cameron and is asking him to ‘Bring sex education into the 21st Century.’

Click here to find out more.

Or to sign the petition, go to or get in contact via #bettersexeducation @TeleWonderWomen

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