Privacy Notice

Living Well requires your personal information and contact details in order to provide a smooth running and professional service. We hold a record of the services you’ve signed up for and used and will usually make a note of any feedback that you or our staff and facilitators give. If we think it’s important, we may also record what you tell us about you feelings, emotions, health and personal relationships, so please tell us if you don’t want this recorded, if and when you talk about these things with our staff.

Certain information such as demographics (date of birth, gender, ethnicity etc) are used for the reports we have to send to the people who fund us. You may choose not to disclose this information and it wont affect what services we can give you, but we do have to ask. When we send a report, it’s all anonymous, so we don’t send our funders information from which they could identify you, but we do have to hold this information on our systems in order to produce these reports.

Some of our one-to-one services ask for a contribution towards the costs of running them. We may use information about your employment or benefit status to decide whether to ask for this contribution.