RITEstart is a fun and interactive health and wellbeing programme that gives young people the opportunity to explore the areas that are most important in their lives including relationships, identity, building confidence, sexuality, sexual health and emotional wellbeing – with a focus on goal setting, problem solving, action planning.

Is RITEstart for you?

If you’re aged between 13 and 25, RITEstart can give you the skills and confidence to take control of important areas in your life – including sex and relationships, building confidence and saying ‘no’, and making positive and informed decisions about the things that are important to you! You will get the chance to talk about all these topics in an open and non-judgmental environment, with a chance to gain information and guidance that can help you make decisions you’re happy with.

How does it work?

RITEstart comes in a wide variety of formats, but the most popular of which consists of seven weekly group sessions, each lasting for two hours. Led by a professional and a trained peer facilitator, every session focuses on a different topic such as healthy relationships, diversity and equality, STIs and contraception, values and attitudes surrounding sex, positive decision making and goal setting. You’ll have the chance to share your own views and experiences and listen to those of the people around you. What’s more, each session is designed to be fun and has lots of interactive elements. At the final session, there’s a chance for you and the friends you’ve made to showcase what you’ve learnt in an original and creative way.

What do RITEstart Peer Facilitators say about the service?

“The RITEstart programme is a fantastic way for young people to learn more about themselves, set goals for the future and get the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves in many of the most important areas of their lives.”

“Being a peer facilitator is a great opportunity for me to help other people my age make the most of their lives.”

What people have said about RITEstart:

“It’s opened up some career choices for me and helped me think about the possible things I want to do in life.”

“Such a great programme. I made new friends and learned loads.”

“It’s a really good programme and really enjoyable. If you get the chance to do it, then do it!”

“Everyone should do RITEstart. It’s fantastic!”

“I liked all of it. I learned a lot about myself.”

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