txtm8 is a free sex and relationships texting service for young people. Young people can text any questions on topics such as sex, relationships, sexual health and emotional wellbeing and get a response from a trained healthcare professional within 30 minutes. If you have a question, txtm8 has an answer!

What is txtm8?
  • txtm8 is Living Well’s free and confidential sex and relationships text service for young people living in London.
  • To use the interactive service all you have to do is text your question to 89868 and you’ll receive an answer from a specially trained adviser within 30 minutes.
  • txtm8 is completely free so there are no charges for any texts you send to, or receive from, the service and because txm8 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year we’re always here when you need us.
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Why texting works

txtm8 lets your thumbs ask the awkward questions. The service is young person friendly, providing you with advice through your mobile phone. And as well as answering your questions, txtm8 will also direct you to relevant local services you may need for support, testing, treatment or further advice. The free service guarantees anonymity and is completely confidential.

Real people text back

Unlike some other text services, txtm8 is not automated. It provides a fully interactive service. Real people read and respond to your texts and give specific tailored answers. The staff are specially trained in all aspects of sexual health, sexuality, teenage pregnancy, contraception as well as in safeguarding (child protection). txtm8 advisors have access to national, regional and local databases so they can provide up-to-date locations and opening times of clinics and other useful services.

What can you ask?

You can ask txtm8 any question relating to sex, sexuality, sexual health or relationships. For example questions relating to: where to go for contraception advice and free condoms, how to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pregnancy and pregnancy testing, puberty and the body, sexual terms and jargon, finding local clinics and services for support, treatment or further advice and where to go for emergency help.

Using txtm8 is simple

The service uses a unique phone number – 89868 – which spells out txtm8 on a normal mobile phone keypad. To use txtm8 all you have to do is text your question to 89868 and you’ll receive a free answer within 30 minutes. The service is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All texts to and from txtm8 are free. You will receive their free answer within 30 minutes during operational times. Texts sent after hours will be dealt with as soon as the service reopens at 8am.

To find out more about txtm8 contact us or visit: www.txtm8.com