Self-Management (PSMP)

Six weekly sessions exploring all areas of living with HIV, the Positive Self-Management Programme (PSMP) is a great way of meeting up with other people and finding out how to improve your life. All groups are run by trained peer facilitators, in a supportive environment.

Is the Positive Self-Management Programme (PSMP) for you?

If you’re the sort of person who benefits from peer support, the PSMP is for you. Trained facilitators, most of who are living with HIV, will help you develop techniques to deal with the frustration, fear and sense of isolation that an HIV diagnosis can bring. The PSMP also offers practical advice on living with HIV day to day, tackling subjects such as starting medication, managing depression, disclosure, exercise and nutrition, relaxation techniques and communication skills. All of this takes place in a friendly, group environment where people share stories and advice. The PSMP will help you – and those around you – live well with HIV.

How does it work?

The PSMP consists of six weekly sessions, each lasting two and a half hours. Two facilitators work with groups of eight to sixteen participants, helping you and the group you’re part of identify problems and find solutions. There are also opportunities for people who have used and benefitted from the PSMP to train, through Living Well, as facilitators, so that their own experience of the course creates a sense of on-going enthusiasm and excitement for future clients.

What do PSMP facilitators say about the Positive Self Management Programme?

‘Although I’ve been living with HIV for two decades, learning to be a PSMP Facilitator reminded me that I can always benefit from peer support – and everybody can.’

What do clients say about PSMP?

‘It was wonderful to meet other human beings and I will cultivate friendships as a result of course. I also plan to continue with the facilitator training.’

Evaluating the service

Between April 2005 and March 2012, 615 people started a PSMP with Living Well and 428 (70%) completed the programme. Participants took part in an evaluation process that incorporated the Medication Adherence Scale (MARS) (Horne 2004) and items based on the WHOQOL-HIV BREF (World Heath Organization 2002). Click here to view results

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