Our Team

At Living Well we are committed to supplying effective services that improve our clients’ lives. As such, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide communities with quality services based on best evidence and practice, delivered by highly qualified staff who are genuinely committed to enhancing the health and wellbeing of our clients.

Board of Directors

Managing Director: James Miller… view profile »
Non-Executive Chair of Board: Barbara Marchelle… view profile »

HIV Services

Service Coordinator: Sherrian Kars
Life Coach: Maurits… view profile »
Life Coach: Trish… view profile »

Contact Us

To contact any one of the team please click on their name or contact the office directly by telephone: 020 31 373 373, email: info@livingwellcic.com or use the contact form below. Please remember to include your telephone number in your message if you want us to call you.

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