Our Patrons

Sadie Frost – Actress, Designer, Author and Mother

Sadie has appeared in many films and plays, as well as hundreds of videos and commercials. In 1999 she formed the fashion label FrostFrench and won Elle Style Best British Designer award in 2004. Over the years she has worked hard to promote the work of organisations such as Comic Relief and The Hepatitis C Trust and has spent time in South Africa raising money for orphans affected by HIV/AIDS. Sadie has supported the work of Living Well since 2009 and became a patron in 2011.

“As a mother of four, including two teenage boys, I have tried hard to ensure my children understand that sex and relationships are an important part of their overall health and wellbeing. I want them to feel comfortable when discussing these issues and, when they are ready, to be able to negotiate safer sex. By having a good, solid relationship with my kids and making our home a ‘safe space’ my hope is that they will always come to me when they have a problem, need advice or just want to talk.

However I appreciate that this is not the case for everyone. In some families, it is not always easy to openly discuss sex and relationships and often children do not get the information and guidance they need. That’s why I am so passionate in my support for Living Well and the work it does to deliver good sexual health and wellbeing services to people of all ages while helping to support parents, carers and other healthcare providers.”