The Board

Our Board is committed to its responsibility to service users, funders, employees, partners, suppliers and local communities.

Living Well is governed by a Board that provides strategic leadership and guidance to the service delivery team and helps ensure that the organisation remains client-centred and in tune with local need.

The main responsibility of the Board is to ensure that Living Well complies with its own governing documents, relevant laws and the requirements of any regulatory bodies. The Board meets on a regular basis (approximately quarterly) with the Managing Director to review the operations of the organisation.

The current Board possess a range and balance of skills that allow them to effectively guide and govern Living Well. They have been appointed for their experience and knowledge in evaluation and research, education, the statutory health sector, finance and law and of managing third sector organisations.

The Board

Managing Director: James Miller… view profile »
Director of Business Development, Strategy and Operations: Simon Jones… view profile »
Non-Executive Chair of Board: Barbara Marchelle… view profile »