Expert Patients Programme

Living Well’s London Self Management Programme (LSMP) is designed to help people living with a long-term (chronic) condition gain greater self-confidence in their ability to control their symptoms and how their health problems affect their lives.

What is London Self Management Programme (LSMP)?

The London Self Management Programme (LSMP) is a series of highly interactive workshops, delivered once a week over six weeks, in a community setting. The main aim of the programme is to support people to become ‘expert patients’ by:

  • increasing their confidence
  • improving their quality of life
  • helping them manage their condition more effectively
What is an ‘expert patient’?

Many GPs who care for people with long-term conditions say that the patient understands the condition better than they do. This is not surprising as many patients become experts as they learn to cope with their long-term conditions.

There is evidence that, with proper support, people with a long-term condition can take the lead in managing their condition – such people are called ‘expert patients’. This helps to improve their health and quality of life, and reduces their incapacity (lack of strength or ability).

An expert patient is someone who:

  • feels confident and in control of their life
  • aims to manage their condition and its treatment in partnership with healthcare professionals
  • communicates effectively with professionals and is willing to share responsibility for treatment
  • is realistic about how their condition affects them and their family
  • uses their skills and knowledge to lead a full life
How does it work?

Living Well’s LSMP is currently open to anyone in the London Borough of Brent and Ealing living with a long-term condition. The programme covers the following topics:

  • dealing with pain and extreme tiredness
  • coping with feelings of depression
  • relaxation techniques and exercises
  • healthy eating
  • communicating with family, friends and healthcare professionals
  • planning for the future

The LSMP is free for people living in funded boroughs and consists of six consecutive weekly sessions, with each session lasting around two-and-a-half hours. The interactive sessions are run by by two trained facilitators, at least one of whom is living with a chronic disease themselves.

It is the process in which the programme is taught that makes it effective. Classes are highly participative, where mutual support and success build the participants’ confidence in their ability to manage their health and maintain active and fulfilling lives. However, participants can interact as much, or as little, as they wish.

Find out more about the CDSMP

For more information about this Living Well service, currently open for those living in the London Borough of Brent and Ealing, telephone: 020 31 373 373, email: or use the contact form below:

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